Mary Ungrangsee has enjoyed an extensive career as a soprano and jazz singer around the world.  She has performed as a soloist with symphony orchestras and has sung with jazz ensembles and bands across the United States.
Mary's latest album is a collection of lullabies from around the world entitled "ใดรหนอ" (Khrai Noh). Accompanying her on classical guitar is award-winning guitarist Ekachai Jearakul. In 2009 Mary and Ekachai recorded the Thai classics บุพเพสันนิวาส and รักข้ามขอบฟ้า as part of Mary’s solo album in Thailand entitled บุพเพสันนิวาส and Popular Jazz Favorites.”   Previously she worked with producer Nop Pornchanmi and songwriter Boyd Kosiyapong to record a selection of Boyd’s most popular songs. She has written a children’s book (Carnival of the Animals”) and has released a memoir/how-to book titled Mary’s Secrets.”  The book chronicles previously untold stories of Mary’s life, including stories from her travels around the world, and shares Mary’s top tips for everything from building a strong marriage to raising happy kids to being a stronger singer.
Mary toured the United States and abroad as the only female member of the award-winning a cappella ensemble Extempo for three years.  During that time, the group recorded two CDs and Mary released a solo album.  Before launching her career as a soloist, Mary enjoyed an extensive career as a studio vocalist and television performer.  Her credits include dozens of professional recordings, television programs and radio broadcasts.
Mary was born in the United States, and spent most of her childhood living abroad in Asia.  Her husband, Bundit Ungrangsee, is a renowned symphony conductor. They have four young daughters.